Electric Motor Winder

Electric Motor Winder.

Electric Motor Winder



$55000 - $75000 per year




Mechanical Design

My client is currently looking to add an experienced and skilled Winder expert to their already established company. The company itself is a division of the main company which has been servicing the Motor & Crane business for over 40 years.

The primary role involves crafting the electromagnetic components that are crucial for the motor's operation. These coils generate the magnetic fields necessary for the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical motion.

Your duty will include:

  1. Coil Winding: Precisely winding copper or aluminum wire around the designated cores according to specific engineering diagrams and winding patterns. This process requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure proper alignment and tension of the wire.

  2. Insulation Application: Applying insulation materials between individual turns of the wire to prevent short circuits and ensure the integrity of the winding. This involves using various insulating materials such as tapes, resins, or varnishes, applied with precision to meet insulation requirements.

  3. Quality Control: Conducting thorough inspections throughout the winding process to identify any defects or irregularities in the coils. This includes checking for proper wire tension, insulation integrity, and adherence to winding specifications.

  4. Repair and Maintenance: Performing repairs on damaged or faulty coils, which may involve removing and replacing defective winding sections or insulation. Additionally, winder technicians may be responsible for the periodic maintenance of winding equipment to ensure optimal performance.

  5. Documentation: Maintaining detailed records of winding activities, including specifications, materials used, and quality control assessments. Accurate documentation is essential for traceability and future reference in case of maintenance or quality assurance needs.


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Harrison Roberts

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