Digital Business Analyst – Contract.

Digital Business Analyst – Contract..

Digital Business Analyst – Contract.



CHF70 - CHF100 per hour




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Business Analyst - New Contract - Telecoms - Zurich

We're looking for a talented Business Analyst to work on our clients project. (My client) want to recruit someone with experience working alongside digital teams; Product Owners, UX experts, developers, etc.

General Information:

  • Start date: ASAP
  • End date: 6 Months
  • Extension: Yes, 6 month extensions if successful
  • Internalization: possible, needs to be approved
  • Workplace: Zürich and Home Office
  • Remote/Home Office: Combination
  • Hourly Rate: Flexible to be discussed
  • Workload: 100%

Must Haves:

  • Worked in digital organizations or have a passion to be a real digital champion and obsessed about the customer experience
  • You may even have a degree or masters, but more importantly have done some of this before or are a digital native
  • You have proven that that you are an analytical thinker with a can-do attitude and flexibility to accommodate to evolving business needs
  • Software development/apps/smart tools and processes are not new to you and you are familiar with translating business needs into a language that the developers in your team understand
  • Good at talking to people and solving problems together

The Hats You May Wear:

  • Customer Advocate, Facilitator, Learner, Problem Solver, Data Analyst, Marketer, Department Head, Forecaster

Real-World Competencies & Examples:

  • Analytical Customer Advocate: If you're passionate about bringing in the customer lens, analysing pain points across the I manage journey (e.g. I manage my bills, I move) or I get help journey (e.g. Digital Troubleshooting, Proactive Care) and create world-class experience, this role is for you.
  • Digitally Dexterous: If you use data to not only inform and track, but optimize, the work that you do on a daily basis, this role is for you.
  • Knowledge Sharer: If you're eager to live, teach and promote digital experiences and agile methods across the company, this role is for you
  • Knowledge Seeker: If you're one of the first people to show up for every training and/or you spend your free time learning online, this role is for you.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • As (my client) transition to a world where their customers interact in more digital 'conversations' and interactions, the role will, as part of the I manage squad, be responsible for the design and success of state-of-art I manage customer journeys to best support customer needs and outcomes.
  • The role will work in a fast-paced agile squad of Product Owners, UX experts and developers with the ultimate goal to transition to digital first care through optimized customer journeys
  • The role will become an integral component of our customer-first strategy.
  • The role will also have the opportunity to find additional avenues and channels to engage with customers to better inform and enhance their experience of our services and products.
  • While we see this role expanding with Digital Care in Customer function and company, in general, we're looking for a clear willingness to learn new processes and technologies from day one that will be critical as we seek to remain agile and innovative.

Interested? Please send your CV and I'll contact you to book a meeting.


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