Java Consultant

Java Consultant.

Java Consultant



kr850000 - kr1200000 per annum





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Do you want new challenges, a great environment and to work on exiting projects?

This is the job for you if:

  • You love to solve problems. Here we are talking about challenges the customer has. Things that really shouldn't work in the framework you use - and world problems at the company party.
  • You are relatively structured. Some extremely structured people work who have control over most things. There are some at the other end of the scale as well, but our projects benefit from the fact that there is a preponderance of people with an overview.
  • It gives you something to make people happy. Here, of course, we are thinking of the customer/client, but also the others in the company.
  • Some of these terms should mean something to you: Java, Kotlin, Spring, C#, .Net, JSON, TypeScript, XML, HTML5, React, Redux, Vue, REST, SQL, NoSQL, Node, Progressive Web Apps, WAI-ARIA , Kafka, Spark, streaming data, machine learning, IoT, AWS, Azure

We are a consulting company and a solution provider that must at all times be a leader in the technologies we want to work with.
We have our head office in Oslo.

Started in 1999 and we have 31 employees with you. We will grow a little more, but only with the right people. There are many consulting companies in the world that it is a bit difficult to stand out. Our thinking has always been that we only hire the most talented. Those with enough pride in their spine to not give up until the solution is brilliant. This creates a good atmosphere. With us and with the customers.

Our salary model has two parts. A competitive fixed salary and a good bonus scheme. The bonus scheme works so that we share 50/50 of everything above our earnings threshold. This has proven to be a good model for both the individual and for Item. The model is settled per quarter. The sum for our consultants can be quite nice when the earnings are good. Pay for the effort must be a matter of course. In 2020, over 50% of the profit was paid out as a bonus to the employees.

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the holidays with family and friends without having to prioritize their holiday days for this. So in addition to the usual 5 weeks of holiday, you also have time off between Christmas and New Year.

Darwin Recruitment is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.

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