Why Should You Negotiate Your Salary?

Ryan Walker

Given the current circumstances, there’s been an increase in the number of people finding new jobs, which means that negotiating salary is going to be a big thing!

But don’t negotiate without knowing your stuff! Remember- it’s not about winning, it’s about understanding.

Watch this video with Ryan Walker so you’re better informed… and hopefully, this video helps you get a better deal!


Ryan: Excuse me, I’m back again. Who else has done one of these videos, to be honest, but I thought today’s day show my nice little kind of Scottish space involved and get involved with it and chat about something that I really want to discuss in a little bit more detail?

One of the reasons why the huge thing that’s been happening, apart from Coronavirus and the big pandemic. But it’s going to have a knock-on effect on people’s job.

We call it the big resignation.

I don’t call it that. I just think people have just got tired of their own jobs and they just want to do something a little bit different.

But the problem with that is all these people leaving, all these people doing new jobs, salary negotiation is going to be a huge thing to work out.

Now, this is the problem.

A lot of people have been in jobs for so long and now decide where they don’t know what salary they want, they don’t know what the market says, they don’t know what to do in there, a lot of rabbit headlights sort of thing, but through there.

One thing I want to talk to you about is the style of negotiation, how to go through that, what to do and give you a little bit more understanding.

From my point of view, anyway, a lot of people out there might disagree, but I hope my candidates do this and it’s really what’s there.

So, the first thing I really want to say to you, when you are in an interview, you’re talking about the salary you’re going to have.

The first thing you realise that the person you’re actually talking to has done this before.

We know how to negotiate salary, we know how to do it and know what it’s all about, triggers and all that sort of stuff.

So you need to really kind of understand that.

The second thing you really want to talk about, really to be fair, is it’s not competition.

There’s no winning this, there’s no loser.

And getting to a certain level of understanding with each other, you’ve got to understand that the interviewer or the hiring manager wants you into the business and you won’t possibly be into the business.

So, you’re going to have to have to accommodate level don’t think you have to win, because if you do win, there’s no loop, everyone loses.

And if you lose, you don’t win. I’m confused anyway.

So, take your competitive head off and get your collaborative.

You need to be on collaborative sites so you can basically understand it. Excellent point of view.

So another point of view is to understand that you need to get the hiring manager until safety net and make him feel he or she at ease when you’re talking to them.

This is on you.

So, the best thing to do really is from that is to come up with some parameters.

Now, a lot of people change jobs who have been there for a long period of time.

You don’t understand what the market rate is doing a lot of research and a lot of find out about it.

Type in Google, it was your best friend. Have a look at what your parameters are.

Don’t worry about the stuff you had before the BS about the 10% more than you had in your last position. Not rubbish.

Don’t worry about that because we’ll discuss that a little bit later.

Why you don’t need to worry because it just makes your salary expectations rubbish. It’s not going to make any difference to your career.

So don’t worry about the 10% crap that’s been going on since the 70s crap.

So you need to get everyone on a level playing field, understand them, and come up with some parameters.

Now, for instance, you could be looking at you want to start this position.

If you want a 50,000, you’re going to walk up to them and say right 50,000 Mr Hiring Manager. This is what I would like.

I would like XYZ.

But then the main important part of that is you need to add value.

Why do you think you lost that?

Why do you think that you’re going to be worth that sort of money?

What can you do to offer that sort of money?

You want to add value not because you deserve to be paid money, not because you want it, it’s because you think that’s the right thing to do.

So, you go up to them and ask you have the conversation with them and say I want between 50,060 thousand.

You want your 50,000 as your basic metal.

Now you understand it.

You walk up to you, I want this because of I can add this to your job, I can do this to your company, I can do this to you.

You want to add as much value as you can towards that position.

Not because you don’t want to come across.

I want you; I want what I want.

You want to give, give very important.

Now they can run around.

If you do it right, you do it properly, they can look at it and go okay, fantastic.

You’ve justified to the higher minds why you deserve to have that salary.

Now you’ve got parameters 50,000 to 60,000.

They already know you’re going to take 50 higher minds in that.

So, the higher minds would understand what you’re looking for, what you can do and all that sort of stuff.

Remember always remember they want to know your salary expectations because they’re interested in harness.

You’re already going halfway there already.

You’re all the way already to fill with it going away.

The higher margins feel a bit more satisfied.

You’re on a level playing field now.

So, whatever you get offered and whatever happens, you’re going to get what you want. If you want to offer you more fantastic and it’s enough parameters.

But don’t over expect always go for the minimum go for the bottom 50,000.


Fantastic, everyone’s. Happy job is done.

Follow the psychology at the end of it always look and do a lot of research.

But just one main thing does not walk in thinking that you’re going to have to win.

It’s not about winning. It’s about coming to an understanding.

Once you get that level head and understand that the hiring manager is in the exact same position as you do wonders.

Anyway, hope that helps you’re looking for a new job?

Come see me.

Talk to me.

Dm me LinkedIn me slide down.

Do the thing and I’ll catch you up to the next one.